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We strongly believe that no one should feel loneliness or isolation, we aim to prevent this by providing a tailored companionship service for you and your family.
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Companionship Service

We introduced companion care and companionship services in March as we discovered an increase in the amount of people needing company, care, support, advice, and most importantly, a companion externally at home. Supporting people in the community is one of our biggest priorities - it's more than just our job. Our Companionship Care Services appeal to those who are not looking for typical care services, but are independent individuals looking for company and support from our team, as well as advice if they require it. There's no need for the individual to travel anywhere, we will come to your home.


Something that we have seen a lot of, particularly through the Coronavirus crisis, is that people have not had care and have become very isolated from others. Therefore, they are now feeling lonely at home and require companion care. If family members or friends are not close by, this can be increasingly challenging as they cannot or don’t want to complete the activities that they did before - this is where a companion can help. We can give advice on the best way to support an individual if they require a companion and are here to offer our services if needed.

Companion Care with help and advice from our care team

Our team acts as a form of support network for people who are seeking companionship care services at home. Our job role is to make life more fun and engaging again by offering services like completing activities and responsibilities that the clients are interested in. For example, this can include hobbies such as cooking or completing puzzles. However, our services are not limited to just completing activities. We can simply be there if somebody is just looking for a cup of tea and a chat. As a companion, we will do everything to try and allow individuals to get involved in the tasks they love doing.


We love interacting and finding out more about people in our community and would be delighted to help as much as we can. If you or somebody you know is interested in our companionship care services, please contact We Simply Care Limited where we would be happy answer all of your questions and give you the support and advice you need.

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