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Enablement can help you, or your family member, to do more at home by learning or re-learning skills that make you feel safe and happy in your own home.
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Enablement Service

Enablement is a service where we help an individual become as independent as they possibly can be after they have experienced a confidence loss. This can arise from a decline in mobility, maybe a stay in hospital, where they may need the use of a walking aid and therefore, believe they cannot do things that they did before.


Our role is to help build confidence to allow and encourage the individual to complete small responsibilities such as making themselves a cup of tea and help independence. These responsibilities will develop over time to help with other tasks such as tidying up, making the bed, washing up and other general household activities.


Enablement is important as it encourages our clients to maintain a routine and try doing things that they were able to do before losing confidence. Not only is this good for their physical health, but also their wellbeing and mental health. By sticking to a routine, individuals can feel more in control of their lives and therefore confident and independent.


A common example of enablement is when a person cannot go out to the shops to collect essentials due to their decline in mobility. At We Simple Care, we would approach this situation by providing a device like a tablet and allowing the individual to order their shopping online. This gives them independence and the right to choose what they’d like to buy.


After this has been achieved, we will help the person put away their shopping but also encourage them to help out with small items - this can give them a feeling of achievement and therefore increase confidence.


If you or somebody you know require our enablement service, please contact us to find out how we can help.

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