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Medication Assistance

Medication can be challenging to manage, We Simply Care is here to take the stress out of medication management and organising prescriptions.
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Assisting With Medication

When an individual is on an increased amount of medication which may be changing frequently, it is easy to become confused. All of our staff are trained in medication and are fully aware of how to handle it.


We’re able to supervise, prepare, dispense and administer medication when needed. This can involve on the skin treatments and controlled drugs such as pain patches. We can also order prescriptions for the clients and collect them. This can take the stress away from the person to know they are getting the correct medication at the right time.


Safety is our main priority at We Simply Care. When picking up prescriptions, we always check to see if the medication is correct for the individual. This ensures they are taking the correct medication and amount.


If you or somebody you know requires this service, please contact us and we will help you.

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