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We Simply Care can assist people to continue to live as they wish, promoting and maximising independence and wellbeing within your, or your family members, own home.
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Reablement Service

Reablement is the service we suggest to help an individual go from a double assist to a single assist. A double assist is when the person requires two carers to help them with things like moving and positioning. This is most common when a person has just been discharged from hospital and requires an increased amount of help.


We help clients move from this stage to a single assist. This is when only one carer is required to help the person with more simple activities and responsibilities. Moving from a double assist to a single assist does not only benefit the physical health of the individual. It also saves them money on their care package and allows them to become more independent than they were before.


When starting the reablement process, we work with the individual to identify what their goals and objectives are for the next few months. After finding out what they’d like to achieve, we set reviews for every 4 weeks to find out what has been completed and what we could be done to achieve even more in the future.


We work with people to build their confidence. This allows them to feel that they can complete tasks that they may have not been able to before. For example, a person at the start of the re-enablement process may have trouble getting in and out of bed. We help build up their strength and confidence using treatments like physio to help them reach their goal.


If you or someone that you know would like to find out more about reablement, contact us and our team will answer your questions the best we can.

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