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Nutrition & Hydration

Having a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal is so important for both mental and physical wellbeing. We can prepare meals to ensure both hydration and a maintained healthy, balanced diet.
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Nutrition & Hydration Services

Problems can arise with nutrition and hydration when individuals become frail. This means they may not look after themselves as they did before as well as be vigilant to drinking enough as they worry they may not make it to the toilet in time, or perhaps it is because making a meal for one seems like a lot to do for one person.


We Simply Care charts and monitors the amount of fluid the individual is drinking to make sure the required 8 glasses a day is met. This may involve setting goals for the individual to finish a glass of water - making it feel like an achievement.


Regarding the clients diet, if they are malnourished, other supplements can be provided to help with staying healthy. These can include food in the form of liquid if a person has trouble with the activity of eating. Meals can also be altered to make sure they reach a certain amount of calories. We do this by adding high calorie supplements into the meals. This can include creams or full fat milk.


Often with dementia patients, individuals tend to lose the ability to swallow. In this case, we would provide a purée diet and a thicker to add to their fluids.


When working out a diet plan for people within our care, we work on a basis of what they enjoy. We only tend to intervene when they are not having as many calories as they should be. We also look into problems to why individuals may be reluctant to eat. For example, the person may be eating alone. We resolve this but offering to have lunch or dinner with them to make it into a social event.


If you or some you know would like to find out more about these services, please contact our team to ask any questions you may have.

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